Lana Del Rey videography through out the years

Lana Del Rey’s videography through out the years that goes way back to Video Games up until the Lust For Life gave me the feels of a strange nostalgia.

I was browsing FaceBook this morning, like every other morning, really, specially while expelling out the excess of the previous day, and you know what I mean.  Anyways, I was browsing FB and I saw a Billboard post of Lana Del Rey’s videos all in less than a 4 minute clip.  These kind of fun clips featuring artists’ music videos from the first to the current one have become a thing online for a while now. Continue reading “Lana Del Rey videography through out the years”

Lana Del Rey gives some lust to The Weeknd

Oooh, Lana Del Rey dropped a good shit 3 weeks ago featuring The Weeknd!

I know, I know. I’m a bit too late on the trend since Lana‘s new single Lust For Life feat. The Weeknd. But hey, I’ve just created this blog! My tardiness aside, Lana is always on point on her personal styling video, music, and fashion wise.  Ohh, and that swinging dance makes me feel like I’m taken back in time when white bitches were the ones famous instead of the incredible black women singers who could belt the shit out of those white screeching.  Ok, that was supposed to be a compliment when I started typing but looking back to the past doesn’t really make me show praise to the white people treating black people like they were more talented than them.

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Mother Earth – Banks

So, I’m currently in the digital marketing class but I keep hearing Banks’ track “Mother Earth.”

Don’t get me wrong, the lesson is not shitty.  Actually, the teacher is explaining some good shits (haha) about Photoshop which are really useful and I am just the best multitasker in this sad world (I’m typing while looking at the teacher who is talking in Italian and I’m writing in English.  All on you, Banks.

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