Lana Del Rey videography through out the years

Lana Del Rey’s videography through out the years that goes way back to Video Games up until the Lust For Life gave me the feels of a strange nostalgia.

I was browsing FaceBook this morning, like every other morning, really, specially while expelling out the excess of the previous day, and you know what I mean.  Anyways, I was browsing FB and I saw a Billboard post of Lana Del Rey’s videos all in less than a 4 minute clip.  These kind of fun clips featuring artists’ music videos from the first to the current one have become a thing online for a while now.

Back to Lana, it felt so nostalgic as if she’s been around for decades in the music industry.  It must be her vintage cinematic style which became her fingerprint on her music and her clips.  The videography took me back (I’m citing only my favorites) to Video Games which started everything, to untiring tune of Blue Jeans, and to her pink H&M lana (haha, italian word for wool) jumper singing Blue Velvet.  Of course, Ride is one of my favorites.  It’s not just a music video, it’s a short film, a piece of cinematic art.  I still remember the dumb and funny gif that made me laugh as fuck when I saw it lurching in my FB newsfeed:

There’s also Young and Beautiful which I include because it’s so singable but it’s not a fav.  West Coast was an innovation, to be simple, it’s so musically good and the change of tempo from the verse to hook was surprisingly satisfying to the ears.  And lastly, the current single Lust For Life feat. The Weeknd lives up to Lana Del Rey’s songwriting skill or I should say, talent.

So which of Lana Del Rey’s videos is your favorite (or are your favorites)?

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