Mother Earth – Banks

So, I’m currently in the digital marketing class but I keep hearing Banks’ track “Mother Earth.”

Don’t get me wrong, the lesson is not shitty.  Actually, the teacher is explaining some good shits (haha) about Photoshop which are really useful and I am just the best multitasker in this sad world (I’m typing while looking at the teacher who is talking in Italian and I’m writing in English.  All on you, Banks.

I’m not inlove with Bank’s second album “The Altar” as much as I was with the first one but what I’m realizing is with Banks, falling inlove is not immediate because she’s not pop which is the reason why she grabbed my attention. Her song gets to you slowly and in this instance, I have no idea why the “Mother Earth” melody is playing in my brain all morning even though I haven’t yet concentrated on this song.  Anyways, I guess I’ll play it and learn the lyrics at home…

Home now, finally. I mostly remember the hook’s melody. The harmony. Yes, the harmony brings you to have some very serious eargasm when the voices come up on “Follow me to my bed…”  I basically can’t decide which harmony to get into when I sing along with it!  So fucking exquisite!

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