Allen Centeno | Dark Water

allen centeno dark water

Dark Water is a declaration of war against racism, homophobia, and discrimination.

This track is about discrimination, homophobia, and racism that I experienced directly on my skin. In the video, there are several “masks” that represent all of the above: the black veil, the nose piercing with the chain as an accessory to alter my appearance, my head cut from the view from the shot and my back turned to the camera. These “masks” are the metaphors to what I have to “wear” before I face the society. Being an Asian with dark skin, gay and even being a musician has brought me to undergo unpleasant situation at job interviews, at dating, and in everyday life. But writing this song made me realize to not care about all these useless things and be who I am and also not be afraid of my imperfections.

Here’s the lyrics!

“Dark Water”


You will never see what’s my worth

‘Cause I drink dark water

To darken up my heart and my thoughts

And I’ve been waiting for, for you to clean me, oh

Once upon a time I had thought

That colors didn’t matter

Then I opened up my eyes and I saw

The better that you get the more they’ll drag you down


You make me sick

Let’s make it quick No talking shit

My brain’s got glitch

And you’re a bitch

And I’m just drinking Dark water

Oh you keep telling me I’m not gonna go high

I can’t help thinking you’re the one pulling me down


You don’t even seem to partake

On the conversations in your head

To comprehend the thoughts that you make

And I’m afraid of dispersions of your shit



Down, you make me

Frown, ain’t got no

Time for your fucking


You will never see what’s my worth

‘Cause I drink dark water

To darken up my heart and my thoughts

‘Cause I’ve been waiting for, for you to clean me, oh



(C) 2017 Allen Edward Centeno

Written and produced by Allen Centeno


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Lana Del Rey gives some lust to The Weeknd

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